Abu Dhabi 11-16-2022 (SUNA) – The Director General of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Dr. Fikriya Aba Yazid,  called on nations for the necessity of peaceful coexistence and acceptance and non-exclusion of the other.

In her address to the activities of the second day of the World Media Congress, which coincides with the International Day for Tolerance, organized by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in partnership with the ADNEC Group, Dr. Fikriya asserted the need to move towards dealing with tolerance between peoples, which is the direction and the only way for the world to progress to development and to live in peace and security.


Dr. Fikriya pointed out that the Sudanese people are a tolerant and peaceful people who were able to coexist with many different nationalities around the world, indicating that Sudan has become a microcosm because it has all nationalities and was able to coexist with them, pointing to the Sudan as a passage between Africa And the Arab world.

She indicated that peaceful coexistence enhances the ability to indiscriminative understanding, the acceptance of differences, and peaceful coexistence which is considered the backbone of every aspect of human life, referring to coexistence regardless of color, gender, religion, sect or thought for human, and that coexistence, understanding and acceptance of the other is achieved through direct communication, on a daily or almost daily basis in the village and the city and society in general.

She stressed on the need for the respect of the other and for everyone to adhere to tolerance and spread it in the various media types (audio, print and visual).

Dr. Fikriya has extended thanks to the UAE for organizing this conference, and the participating delegations for the success of this international conference, the first of its kind.


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