Khartoum, Sep. 19 (SUNA) – The meetings of the Arab Ministers of Information of the Arab League, which will start tomorrow, Tuesday in Cairo, will witness honoring of the former General Manager of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) the late Mustafa Amin Ismail.

The late Mustafa Amin will be honored among five directors and founders of Arab news agencies.

Hereunder, SUNA provides the curriculum vitae of the late Mustafa Amin, the former General Manager of Sudan News Agency (SUNA):-

Name:- Mustafa Amin Ismail Al-Amin.

Date of birth:- 1-1-1931.

Place of birth:- Omdurman, Sudan.

During 1960-1971 he joined the daily political newspaper Al-Ayyam. He began his journalistic life as a reporter for the Sudanese newspaper Al-Ayyam from the cities of Sennar, central Sudan, and El-Fasher, western Sudan. At first, he worked as a press informant, then the newspaper administration chose him as chief editor. during 1972-1973 he was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of Sudan News Agency. during 1973-1986 he assumed the position of the General Manager of Sudan News Agency. He qualified himself at a high level without joining academic institutions. He is considered one of the skilled journalists in the news industry, and characterized by his honesty, truthfulness and accuracy. He specialized in press secretariat work and used to supervise by himself the printed material until its publication.

He used to give suggestions on the news coverage, the use of news management techniques, and maintaining a positive public image.

Achievements: - Mustafa Amin transferred the Sudan News Agency from the stage of paper printing machines to the stage of “Tikkers” devices, as the first new technological experiment in Sudan, when the local agencies depended on printing news with manual printing devices. Under his leadership, SUNA became one of the first African agencies to switch from a wireless system to the satellite system in the middle of the last century. He expanded the transmission network by opening offices for the agency in all the capitals of the Sudanese provinces, and provided them with telex devices to transmit the news of the provinces up-to-date. He supervised the establishment of a branch of the Pan African News Agency (PANA) - Khartoum office to cover East Africa news.

He introduced in 1976, for the first time in the Arab World, the "Bleep" or "Major" device to provide communication between SUNA staffers. He was awarded the rank of State Minister by the former President of the Republic, Jaafar Mohamed Nemeiri.


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