Khartoum, Sept. 17 (SUNA) – The member of the joint mechanism for solution of the dispute between Messairiya and Hamar tribes , Mohamed Abdalla, has affirmed the deeply rooted, historical and eternal relations between the two tribes, stressing that there has not been any dispute between them throughout history, but rather love and respect relations between them.

At the regular news forum of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Saturday, Abdalla explained that the joint mechanism is a people’s and social one and have nothing to do with the narrow geographical  concept, adding that the goal of this initiative is to bring together the notables and leaders of the Messairiya and Hamar youths, who are active in the economic, social and intellectual works in the area, to join efforts and to cooperate and work responsibly to contain the events that occurred between the two tribes lately.

The leaders of Hamar and Messairiya met with each other and with the Sovereignty Council, adding that they believed that the solution of the problems between them will be through dialogue.

Dr. Fathi Abul-Haya said that the youths of the two tribes have managed to convey a message to their parents they have met and decided to avoid the slipping into the war at the area.

Abul-Haya stressed that the mechanism aims to defuse the dispute and war, prevent bloodshed, emphasize firmness of the relations between Hamar and Messairiya, and send a message to all the people of Sudan about the importance of the area in terms of natural and human resources, and that it enjoys a strong social cohesion and fabric between its people, besides the need to preserve this social relationship by ending aspects of any tension between its components, especially since the two tribes have a large and important role in the history of Sudan.

Abul-Haya demanded stoppage of the escalation, and also called on the social media links and groups not to sow discord between parents and to avoid rumors and lies that may exacerbate the problem.


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