Khartoum, Aug. 29 (SUNA) – The Workshop for the Power Engineers of the initiative of the call of the people of Sudan for national consensus, sponsored by Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid, Monday reviewed a paper on the scientific bases for development of the energy sector.

Engineer Al-Nazir Saad Ali, the deputy chairman of the Energy Sector, at the initiative of the Call of the People of Sudan, said that the workshop discussed ways to develop the oil sector in order to reduce the demand for electricity through the use of alternative and renewable energy, and that the participation of energy engineers came within their concern with the issues of the country

The Mechanical Engineer Abdul-Moneim Hassan Idris, the presenter of a paper on the “chances of success in using new and renewable energy”, said that the opportunities for renewable energies in Sudan are many, and that they will contribute to achieving an increase in the total generation of electricity, pointing out that there is a future plan for the period 2025 - 2035 that aims to make Sudan a leading country in the field of electricity production, self-sufficiency, and exportation of the surplus.

The chemical consultant, Dr. engineer Mohamed Wahbi Hussein, indicated that there are future visions that focus on the areas of oil extraction and refining, in addition to the transportation phase, noting that the workshop tackled the problems and solutions related to the refining processes, stressing that these efforts aim to achieve self-sufficiency and presenting proposals for the initiative of the call of the people of Sudan to find solutions for the energy sector’s problems.

It is to be noted that the workshop has discussed three scientific papers, the first was on a future vision for the reform and development of the oil industry, the second was on the reality of electricity production and expectations of renewable demand, and the last on the chances of success in using new and renewable energies, with the participation of a number of specialists from different universities.


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