Khartoum, Aug. 18 (SUNA) - The court for the trial of the terrorist cell (People's Security) has continued its session today in the hall of Maulana Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Othman at the Institute of Judicial and Legal Sciences, headed by Maulana Zuhair Babiker Abdel Raziq, judge of the General Court, to try (27) defendants under the articles of inciting war against states.

The tried (27) defendants under the articles of inciting war against states including officers, individuals, pensioners from the armed forces and civilians, including the former Minister of Minerals Kamal Abdel Latif.

The investigator in the case, Colonel (police)Mohammed Hakim has presented at today’s court’s session the prosecution first document, noting that on 5/5/2019, the prosecution first witness, a corporal agent of the Rapid Support Forces, was interrogated, who stated that according to the inspection order on 4/5/2019, a house was raided in the area in Al- Taif area, according to information received, where a group of people, weapons, ammunition, and wireless communication devices were seized.

The interrogated corporal agent of the Rapid Support Forces said that 10 suspects were arrested in the same house, including the first accused, Haj Ahmed Ali Al-Hussein and others, with 88 communication devices, four cassettes, and two Land Cruisers were seized, and all of these items are presented in the notification according to Document No (1).

The prosecution panel headed by Dr. Al-Taher Abdel Rahman, the head of the Public Prosecution, had requested the court to stop the trial procedures until a decision was made on the request submitted by the authority to the head of the judicial body to stop the court’s procedures, but the head of the court decided to continue the trial until the request submitted to the head of the judiciary.

Regarding the (28) defendant, of which the prosecution demands that he be joined with the rest of the (27) defendants who are before the court, the court refused to include the defendant in order to achieve justice, especially since there are 17 other defendants who have not been arrested yet, provided that the defendant is presented in a separate trial.

 On the other hand, Abdel Baset Sabdarat, on behalf of the defense team, indicated that he found in the case report that there is an investigation committee formed by the attorney general regarding the (28) accused and that among the members of this committee, both the investigator in the case and the head of the prosecution, which contradict the law by combining investigation and interrogation, while the head of the court, Maulana Zuhair, made it clear that there is no objection to addressing the attorney general in this regard.

It is worth noting that the 10 suspects who were arrested inside the house were subjected to interrogation and investigation, and accordingly other suspects appeared and were arrested one by one until their number reached (27).


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