Berber, Aug. 16 (SUNA) – The Deputy of the head of the Sovereignty Council, lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, greeted the people of Berber, River Nile State, especially those affected by the last torrential rains.

Dagalo pointed in his address to the people of Berber to the center stance with the state and those affected in particular, pointing to these areas as the first mining areas in the country, promising these areas with receiving their full share of social responsibility.

He called for the involvement of youth in the claim of these rights, announcing the arrival of a large convoy containing shelter materials and foodstuffs, and the arrival of a medical and health mission to the affected areas, as well as contributions for compensation and reparation.

The Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council was accompanied by a high-level federal delegation, including the ministers of Finance and Economic Planning, Social Development, the Health Minister, and the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, affirmed full support for all those who were affected, praising the scale of solidarity between the people of these areas, pointing to the danger of the gold extraction operations in these areas asserting the need to prevent it.

The River Nile Acting Governor, Mohammed Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Groon, expressed pleasure with the visit describing it as important, stressing support of the state’s leaders with the affected citizens, announcing the arrival of a great convoy from the state to these areas, praising patience of the citizens over the calamity of losing property and money.

The representative of the citizens of the affected areas welcomed the visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, and the accompanying delegation, noting to the extent of the great damage in the area, which was estimated at more than 97% of the housing and four schools in addition to the health Center.


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