Genaina, Aug.10 (SUNA)-Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has expressed appreciation  to the unknown soldiers who are defending and protecting the  gains of the country.

He warned  while he was chairing a meeting which brought together the native administrations  and  state' security committee at the general secretariat of government of West Darfur State yesterday, of retreat in implementation of the agreements and reconciliations , stressing that he has closely been following-up  execution of such agreements  through  committees formed for this purpose.

 He  pointed out that the peace which has  been achieved in West Darfur was a real peace and not a political one  and  was an effort to stop the bloodletting , warning  enemies of peace  in the country  and calling  for isolating and  excluding them from the society.

Daglo directed  the native administrations  to take measures  to prevent occurrence of disputes  among tribes.

He affirmed readiness to secure return of the displaced people to  camps and then to their home villages.

 The TSC Vice-President also gave directive to pay attention  to youth category  and to listen  to their views.

Wali(governor) of West Darfur State, Khamis Abdalla Abbakar, said in press statements  that the purpose of  the  meeting which was chaired by the TSC Vice-President  was to follow-up implementation of items of agreements and reconciliations  between the disputed parties and how to  maintain security in the state .

He added that the meeting also looked into  issue of return of  the displaced people to  camps and then to their home villages

In the same context , the Sultan of Dar Masalit, Saad Abdel-Rahman Bahr-Eddin  underscored  that the meeting was fruitful and reviewed  the efforts  made by the TSC Vice-President  to achieve reconciliations and peace , pointing out that the native administrations have lauded the TSC Vice-President endeavors on achievement of  security, peace and stability.

 He added that the native administrations  affirmed commitment to preserve the reconciliations  and to bring them into reality , stressing that the meeting also tackled issues of agricultural season,, the state government ‘s plan on agricultural season and issues  of displaced people.

Sultan of Dar Gimir, Hashim Osman Hashim, said the meeting  was assured on progress of implementation of reconciliations  and that the native administrations have underscored  commitment  to implement  the all reconciliatory deals.


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