Zalenge, July 6 (SUNA)- The Vice - President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, met on Tuesday at Zalenge University with political, social, native administration, intellectuals and women of the Fur tribe.    

Daglo was informed in detail on the security, social and service situations at the area, calling for preserving on the co-existence, the tribal and ethnic tolerance between the components in the state.

He expressed his thanks for the good reception and the hospitality accorded to him at Zalenge area, indicating that it is known that this area is hosting the biggest number of displaced people, hoping that all parties shall work together to contribute the voluntary return of the displaced persons to their home areas.

Daggle called on the attendants to convince Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour to return to the country and to participate in the dialogue in order to reach to a permanent peace, security and stability.

The Vice President affirmed that the historical and the moral right of the Fur tribe on the land is guaranteed and known for everyone, stating that the Juba Peace Agreement has guaranteed equity for everyone for all Darfur State’s citizens, adding that the agreement clauses require immediate implementation.

 He said that anyone who resides in the other’s lands should resettle his situation and to give up the land they took.

Daglo has called on the displaced persons to return as soon as possible to their home villages, adding that the government will provide the needed protection for them.

He stressed that the government is concerned with the collection of weapons, a matter that necessitates availability of an integrated security condition, stressing that the issue of the collection weapons is a very complicated matter requires deep studies and modern equipments to discover the weapons.

He also affirmed the necessity of caring with women and empowering them to participate in all institutions in the country.

On his part, the chief of the native administration in Zalenge, Al-Demingawi Sessi, has given a detailed report on the efforts of the native administration in preserving social unity and discarding sedition and hatred, lauding the visit of Daglo and his accompanying delegation.

Sessi emphasized that the native administration has been preserving the customs and traditions adopted by the Fur Sultanate in solving any dispute on land and the social differences.

The representative of native administration in Zalenge, Salih Mustafa has welcomed the visit of the Vice – President of the Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and his accompanying delegation to Zalenge city, and announced a number of requirements concerning the issues of land, health and social, developmental and security services.

He also called for preventing the use of motor cycles, calling for protecting the cultivation season, support for the voluntary return of the displaced persons and implementing clauses of the security arrangements stipulated in the Juba peace agreement.


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