Khartoum, June 27 (SUNA) – The court trying the case of assassination of martyr Mahgoub Al-Taj Mahgoub, chaired by Judge Zuhair Abdul-Raziq, head in its sitting on Monday the defence witnesses Major Mohamed Abdalla Mahmoud of the Security and Intelligence Service – Operations Department and the former soldier of the Security and Intelligence Service Salah Mohamed Ismail, who indicated that the seventh defendant Abdalla Abdul-Rahim Al-For Ahmed did not take part in the event, but was but was present in residence of officers around 12:00 p.m. on the day of the accident on January 24, 2019.

The two witnesses responded to some questions from the prosecution and defense sides.

Regarding the defence  request for protection to its witnesses, the court clarified that there is no absolute protection and immunity that prevents summoning witnesses or reporting charges against them, and decided that the witnesses’ testimonies shall not be photographed to provide protection for the witnesses.

Meanwhile, the defense side replaced both the defense witness, Dr. Ahmed Riziq, the Vice - Chancellor of Al-Razi University, and the testimony of the Medical Director of Al-Razi Hospital, who apologized for attending the next sitting, as the court will hear in its next sitting on next Monday the testimony of a retired Lt. Col. (retired) and a retired soldier of the Security and Intelligence Service.


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