El Geneina, June 26 (SUNA) - The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has said that what is happening in Darfur of deliberate sabotage is not far from what is occurring in Khartoum, and that much of what is happening here is run by the same rooms that tamper with the scene there, seeking their narrow personal-interests.

Daglo was addressing the final signing ceremony of reconciliation between the Arab and Aringa tribes in Sirba Locality, which is located forty kilometers north of the town of El Geneina yesterday evening, in the presence of Members of the Sovereignty Council Dr. Al-Hadi Idriss and Al-Tahir Hajar besides the governor of West Darfur State.

Daglo pointed out that the spread of hate speech, racism, incitement, sedition, and other manifestations of chaos were fomented by parties aiming to undermine the peace that has been achieved, bring Darfur back to the square of war and dismantle the social fabric.

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council affirmed the government's keenness to stop the chaos and vandalism and to put an end to the absurd conflicts between the tribal components, by imposing the rule of law and achieving reconciliations to realize stability and peaceful coexistence among the components of society.

Daglo called on all tribes to be a cohesive and tolerant society and not to give room to plotters.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council renewed the government's determination to impose the rule of law, assist in the voluntary return of the displaced, provide them with protection, and work with the government of West Darfur to provide the necessary services that support a decent life.



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