Khartoum, June 13 (SUNA)- The Russian Ambassador to Sudan Vladimir Zheltov , affirmed the firm relation linking Sudan to Russia.

The Ambassador addressing a celebration organized by the Russian embassy on Sunday at the ambassador’s house marking the National Day of Russia, underlined that the relation between the two countries witnessed different changes that reflected the developing policies in the two countries.

 The Russian diplomat affirmed that the radical changes that Sudan is experiencing do not affect the sympathy of the peoples of the two countries and their willingness to move forward, pointing out to the existence of a strong base to build a tight traditional friendship and exchange benefits cooperation, the matter that witnesses a remarkable development in many fields.

The Ambassador added that we are very certain that Sudan is going to overcome this critical period due to the wisdom and coherence of its people of different entities, stressing that the military institute is a part of the Sudanese social national fabric.


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