Khartoum May 29 (SUNA) The National Commission for Human Rights welcomed the referral of the case of the accused in the information 94/2022, or what was known in the media as the case of the late Police Brigadier Ali Brima, to the court which sessions started this morning

The National Commission for Human Rights had previously demanded the approval of the court judge on the initial requests made by the defendants’ defense, top of which, enabling the lawyers/at to meet the defendants and communicate with them completely freely in accordance with the law, and to enable the defendants’ defense to view the investigation diary.

In a press statement, the National Commission for Human Rights also welcomed the court's decision to refer the accused to forensic medicine to investigate allegations of torture.

 It welcomed allowing the media to cover the session in implementation of the principle of openness of trials, and dispatched a team to monitor the trial, and to follow up on the case and guarantees of a fair trial.


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