Khartoum, April 21 (SUNA) – The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council General, Abdel Al-Fattah Al-Burhan received, today a message from the Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, the Origin, Maulana Mohammed Osman Al-Mirghani dealing with the initiative for ending the political crisis in the country and the realization of the comprehensive national consensus.

This came when Al-Burhan received the sons of Al-Mirghani, Abdalla Al-Mahgoub, Mohammed Mohammed and Jafar Al-Mirghani who handed him the initiative.

The TSC President welcomed the initiative , lauding the great roles being played by the DUP Leader in the national arena, especially, his outstanding efforts to unify the national rank and his incessant work to maintain security and stability in the country.

The national initiative launched by Maulana Mohammed Othman Al-Mirghani is among a number of initiatives put forward to contribute to finding a consensual solution to the political crisis in the country, carried out by the federal parties of the Coordination Unit, which includes more than six factions.


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