Al-Rahad, Feb. 19 (SUNA) – The Commissioner for Refugees, Musa Ali Atrun, has affirmed the Sudan commitment to implement all the international agreements and charters that govern the foreign existence in the country.

In his address to a plenary meeting held in Al-Rahad town, North Kordofan State, he expressed appreciation to the citizens for their civilized dealing with their southern brothers, announcing his readiness to solve the issues of the refugees in a manner that preserves the rights of South Sudan refugees and the deeply-rooted and historic ties between Sudan and South Sudan.

The Commissioner for Refugees pointed out that Al-Rahad Locality is one of the biggest areas hosting refugee, a matter that puts pressure on the available health, educational, water and environment services in the locality.

He shed light on the efforts exerted by the committee in solving various issues related to the existence of refugees.


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