Khartoum, Feb. 12 (SUNA) – The Chairman of the steering committee of the Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Rifaat Mirghani, pointed out that hate speech is one of the most dangerous speeches that can destroy society because it leads to violence and disunity.

Addressing the Forum on Combat to Hate Speech Saturday at Faisal Cultural Centre, Dr. Rifaat stressed that hate speech is incompatible with the freedom of expression, so it is important to address the concepts of hate speech and the risks that it may result from societal risks that will threaten the social fabric between the components of society and the national security.

The Executive Chairman of the Civil Charitable Foundation, Mihad Mohamed al-Hassan, said that hate speech has recently spread widely on the social media, pointing to its negative impacts on the public life and the political reality.

She said that the project has held several programs, including enlightening workshops for the resistance committees due to their role and direct influence in the society, in addition to creating an electronic guide and a questionnaire to measure public opinion to identify the causes of hatred, indicating that opinions expressed were different about race, tribalism, skin color and the political affiliation, and its results will be published soon to help find solutions.

She indicated that risks of the hate speech can be reduced through awareness and education via the various media, the school curricula and the application of laws.

The forum aims to creating peaceful coexistence, enhancing the citizenship, and gathering concepts that support the transitional period and unite the Sudanese people, in addition to opening new dialogue windows that influence the recipient's attitudes and the importance of respect to the different cultures and religions.

It is to be noted that the Civil Foundation for Development was established in the year 2019 with the aim to promote the concept of citizenship, sustainable development and spreading awareness.


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