Gedaref, 9, (SUNA) - The General Intelligence Service (GIS) in Quraisha locality carried out a qualitative security operation during which it was able to thwart the smuggling of 21 people of Ethiopian nationality, twenty of whom were girls under the age of twenty, who were on their way to Khartoum via Al-Batana Plain and from there to Dubai and Libya.

GIS Director in Gedaref state, has pointed out that this operation comes in the wake of restoring the powers of the GIS to meet the requirements of the stage and to preserve the security of the country among the existing security threats, on top of which is the spread of unregulated foreign presence.

 He indicated that during the thwarting of the smuggling operation, a human trafficking network was arrested, and the means of movement used by them were seized, in addition to a Kalashnikov weapon.


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