Khartoum, April.6 (SUNA) -  Foreign Minister, Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq Al Mahdi, , has affirmed that Ethiopia has shown unacceptable intransigence in the Renaissance Dam negotiations and that its decision to fill the Renaissance Dam again is contrary to international law.

Dr. Mariam interviewed by  

Al-Hadath TV, denounced this stance from Ethiopia towards Sudan, which has supported the construction of the dam from the beginning, in addition to its hosting tens of thousands of refugees in a number of camps in the eastern part of the country.

 The Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to the Ethiopian encroachment on the eastern borders, underlining that there are great interests for Ethiopia in Sudan that must be preserved.

 The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that Sudan had asked the United Nations to replace the Ethiopian soldiers present in the UNSFA mission in the Sudanese Abyei region with other soldiers, because it is not reasonable to have Ethiopian forces in the strategic depth of Sudan at a time when the Ethiopian forces are gathering on the eastern borders of Sudan.


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